Top-5 Things Every Freshman Should Know

  1. Professors and teachers are two different people. Teachers are just pedagogues while professors are experts in their fields of knowledge. If you can trick a teacher easily, you will be caught by your professor in 90% of the cases. Professors demand large work that involves investigation, studies, in-depth researches, and analysis instead of simply writing a one-page reflective essay. You will face more paper formats than you used in high school. Don’t expect you’ll be doing every paper in easy MLA again – start learning APA, Chicago, Harvard, and other styles deeper. Teaching is not the top concern for a professor. Professor is rather a mentor. They try to generate student’s enthusiasm through more complex tasks. It might be OK for the teacher to count “B” students successful, but for professors, only excellence is a grade. Besides, 60% was a passing score in high school, but at the top universities students usually have to make 70% or even 80% minimum to pass the course. By the way, you can earn some money when assisting a professor in his or her independent research. It will also influence your grade positively.
  2. “Me against procrastination!” now that’s how your motto should sound like. This thing hurts GPAs even of the brightest students. It often happens because of the freedom to choose subjects and craft own schedule. Make sure it is not too relaxing and easy. Don’t pick those classes you are already well aware of. Head for advanced level as you are at the higher educational institution from now.

How can you keep away from temptation and avoid disturbing factors? First of all, as many students are social network slaves or gamers, it is useful to ban your time-wasting sites with tools like LeechBlock, WasteNoTime and StayFocused.

In addition, it is recommended to ditch TV, quit studying in bed, and dedicate more time to traditional or digital libraries.

  1. It’s all about your first semester in college. According to statistics, first semester is something most of the students regret about. If your GPA is damaged during that part of your higher education, you won’t be able to focus on a part-time job and other activities later as you’ll need to raise your GPA. Many universities do not allow students with low final GPA scores to continue their Master’s or Ph.D. programs. And those degrees are very important in case you wish a streaming, fast developing career.

What you can do is:

  • Don’t go partying and attending campus gigs too much. You’ll have time for it later. On the whole, your college/university life will last for 4-5 years depending on which degree you are heading for. So, it is better to turn a party animal when you get acquainted with the new academic rules.
    • Watch TV, but only those shows and movies that are related to your studies. Right, it is much easier to understand the plot of classical literary pieces when watching a modern interpretation with your favorite actors.
    • Give up gaming completely. Unlike TV, this sort of activity, unfortunately, does not possess any positive impact.
  1. It is time to grow up and become attentive at last! Don’t yawn on your lectures. It is proved that when a student participates in every class actively and is all ears, he or she rarely fails in the end. That is because people tend to like what they understand. Of course, you will hate Statistics or Philosophy if you do not even try to get the idea. Take notes on your digital devices in case you hate handwriting.
  2. Finally, watch your health! Say no to pizza, coffee, night style of life, and spending hours sitting in your room instead of breathing fresh air.