Tips How to Succeed in College

5 Tips How to Succeed in College College, it ain’t a mere walk in the park, you know. Exciting and challenging, college life puts to test your personal qualities and real-life competence together with knowledge level and academic competence altogether. When graduating from school, many sophomore year students find studying in college too mind-wrecking and … Continue reading Tips How to Succeed in College

Survive Your College

Find Out How to Survive Your College It’s Better to Branch Out Your roommate does not necessarily have to be your best friend. Remember that episode from “Buffy” where she simply coexists with her weird werewolf neighbor? At the same time, it is better to avoid situations shown in Threesome where the guys and the … Continue reading Survive Your College

Fall Exam Prep

How to Study for Your Fall/Spring Exam? There is nothing more creepy than a midterm or final exam. Writing short essays or solving case studies is nothing compared to dealing with prep exam headache. First, it involves repeating all studied material. Second, a failure will have a great negative impact on your final grade. It … Continue reading Fall Exam Prep