About Us

EssayChecker.Net is not just another software for proofreading and editing your paper. Our team consists of only living people who are capable of copying your wring style (if needed) and consulting you on any questions related to your studying. It is always more efficient to talk to the real human beings instead of speaking to a robot. We guarantee all of your essays and research papers are read and fixed only by real people with high academic qualifications and perfect writing skills.

No More Problems with Your Essays

Most of the modern students are mere literary mortals. The age of new technologies keeps adolescents away from spending hours on their homework assignments. They wish to dedicate more time to social networks and outdoor fun. So, often students compose essays, term papers, case studies in a hurry. As the result, they lose many points on grammar and spelling mistakes. The speech seems illogical, and a lot of irrelevant information is involved.

Our company is aiming high to become the best service for checking your essays. If you think that checking and editing academic paper is a piece of cake, you are wrong. Sometimes it takes even more time to read and fix all the mistakes than write an essay from zero. Essay checking is a time-consuming task which requires all of your attention and knowledge. So, hiring an expert might be the most reliable way out.

About Our Services

Our experts provide only the high-quality checking procedures at a fair price. They process your essay at the university level, correcting entire paragraphs and separate phrases. We also add more critical points to your paper in case you lack some evidence. Our goal is to make your paper sound persuasive, not only removing the mistakes. Thus, you pay for several functions just in one service. If you are looking for an error-free work, you are in the right place now!

We handle not only proofreading and editing queries. We work with academic writing from scratch as well. You can order a full essay or research paper from us in case you don’t have any desire to study a particular topic. Our competence covers every area of education. Our editors and writers are proficient in various subjects: from Geography to International Relations, from Finances to E-commerce.

Our Professional Team

Our team consists of experts in the field of academic/scientific/business writing as well as communications and education. They are very tolerant with every customer. You can contact your assigned writer or any member of Customer Support Team 24/7 to get the answers to all of the crucial questions.

Each writer has passed a complicated test in English and general educational program. Also, they all possess Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in different profiles. To make sure every employee is polite, our team hires only people with 2-3 years of experience in the field related to customer communications.

We assign every writer according to your discipline and requirements. We mind the urgency of your order too, so you’ll never miss the deadline. With our assistance, you will never be late to submit the essay of the top quality!